Addie – Senior Photography Session – Sedwick, Kansas


I loved working with Addie during her portrait session at a farm in Sedgwick, Kansas. One of my favorite things about Addie is that she is such a thoughtful, kind person. She is always thinking of other people, is down to earth, and is wonderfully mature beyond her age. What I also love about her is that, although she is respectful and considerate, she has a playful, silly side that is contagious and makes her fun and easy to be around. My goal was to capture the many different aspects of Addie’s personality, including her more serious side and her silly side that make her who she is. 

For Addie’s shoot, we took advantage of the beautiful summer Kansas fields and natural grass on a farm in Sedgwick. We started her session a few hours before sunset and took advantage of the warm, natural light as the sun was setting. Although I was happy to direct and give posing ideas, Addie didn’t need much help. She poses so naturally and had some great ideas for photos and backgrounds. All of that made her photos turn out in a way that truly reflects her style and personality. She had several outfits planned and was excited about trying different ones for a variety of looks. From the super casual outfits to the more formal ones, each reflected a different aspect of her personality and provided a different look for her portraits.

Addie was excited about her portrait session, and that absolutely showed in her photos. We tried so many different backgrounds and poses, and she gave each one her all. Some were serious but many were just Addie laughing and being herself, and those silly, natural expressions were some of my favorites because they reflect a light, natural side of her.

I loved every minute of this session. Addie was so easy and fun to work with, and the country farm Kansas background was golden and beautiful. Addie was on board and excited about the shoot, and that made for photos that truly reflect the beautiful person she is inside and out.


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