Alex – Senior Photography – Family Farm in Protection, Kansas


I had the opportunity to photograph Alex’s senior pictures on her family farm in Protection, Kansas. The great part about having the session on her family farm was having the family’s history as a personal touch in each of the photos. Alex is incredibly sweet and kind, and she has this wonderfully contagious smile. When she smiles, it just lights up everyone around her. Alex seems to love farm life and to have a strong connection with her family farm and community. It’s touching to see someone who genuinely appreciates where they come from and the space where they have grown up, and I felt extremely fortunate to get the opportunity to photograph her in that space during such an important time in her life. 

This was another beautiful Fall session with perfect weather (not too hot, not too cold) and beautiful leaves and colors. Of course Spring is always beautiful with green grass and blooming flowers, but I have a particular fondness for Fall. Not just because of the crisp cooler weather and everything pumpkin, but the colors and leaves are just so gorgeous. It’s my absolute favorite time of year for photography. For Alex’s session, we had beautiful, colorful leaves everywhere and that made for so many neat photo ideas and spots.

Alex brought her mom and grandma along for most of the session, which allowed us to get several photos with their ideas and personalities reflected as well as Alex’s. However, Alex’s dad’s one request was to get a photograph of Alex with their tractor. We got a few more traditional shots of Alex with the tractor, but one of my favorites of the day turned out to be the one of Alex sitting in the tractor tire. It was just a unique shot with the vibrant colors of the tractor and in a space where Alex felt comfortable. It was also great to be able to get her dad a shot that was meaningful to him!

It was so much fun being on Alex’s family farm and picking out backgrounds to create photographs that really reflect who she is, where she’s from, and what she loves. 



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