Blaise – Senior Photography – Downtown Wichita, Kansas


When I met Blaise during our consultation for his senior photography session, I discovered that he has a unique hobby. Blaise has a love for filmmaking, and his passion for it is really inspiring. Blaise spends a lot of time with the Tallgrass Film Association in Wichita, Kansas and gets super excited talking about the Tallgrass Film Festival. His love for filmmaking started at a young age, and I only imagine him getting more and more passionate about it. To be doing something so intensely and for so long without any hint of burnout is incredible, and I can see Blaise being incredibly successful with filmmaking someday. 

I wanted to make sure I reflected his love of filmmaking in his senior photos and also show his overall creative side. We had a relaxed session starting in Old Town Wichita and then moved to downtown, and Blaise and his mom were both incredibly easy and fun to work with throughout the session. We went to a park downtown to take some photos with Blaise’s guitar and then went to the Wichita Urban Pop-Up Park for some shots. I had never been to the Pop-Up Park but Blaise was super excited about doing part of his senior photography there. Now I can see why. It’s a fun place with some neat textures and different backgrounds. Right next to the Pop-Up Park is a chalkboard wall where Blaise had fun writing different messages and taking photos with those in the background. Between Old Town Wichita and our several stops downtown, we had so many background options that made for a fun, creative session.

This was a memorable session for me because it was great to work with someone so creative and so passionate about his filmmaking hobby at such a young age. We ended Blaise’s shoot in front of a “Hollywood” sign that Blaise really liked and wanted in his senior pictures. I have no doubt that Blaise’s filmmaking dreams might take him to the real Hollywood someday. Hopefully he remembers us all when he’s a big star! 


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