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13 Dec 2017

Jan + Travis – 50th Wedding Anniversary Photography – La Vela in Wichita, Kansas

I love being a wedding photographer, but I was in for a special treat recently when asked to photograph a 50th wedding anniversary. Since I market wedding photography, this was my first 50th anniversary party and I wasn’t completely sure what to expect. Jan and Travis were celebrating 50 years of marriage, and their children planned a party to celebrate with their family and friends. Their daughter, Kelli, was in charge of organizing the party, and she wanted the party to […]

25 Oct 2017

Morgan + Corey – Wedding Photography – Cardinal Creek Farm in Leon, Kansas

I’m normally not one to get very emotional at weddings. The height of emotion at a wedding is typically the ceremony, and that’s when I’m most alert, taking each moment in as quickly as possible and trying to capture expressions and not miss photographing anything. During most ceremonies, that doesn’t give me time to stop and take in my own emotions. Morgan and Corey’s ceremony was different. The ceremony began, and the six pairs of bridesmaids and groomsmen made their […]

12 Oct 2017

Don’t Forget to Take the Snapshots: Why the Best Camera Really is the One You Have With You

Before I became a photographer, I used the camera on my phone all the time. I took snapshots of family birthday parties, vacation snapshots, and tons of snapshots of my dogs. Anytime something unusual or funny happened, I grabbed my phone and documented it. If I had my nicer DSLR camera out and nearby, I would use that to take photos; however, it never bothered me to take and even post to social media pictures from my camera phone. I […]

28 Aug 2017

Sonja + Jason – Engagement Photography – Keeper of the Plains in Wichita, Kansas

  When I met with Sonja and Jason during their consultation, they had one request. They knew they wanted their engagement photography session to be at Keeper of the Plains in Wichita, Kansas. They are moving away from Wichita soon and wanted their photos to commemorate their time living here, and having their session at Keeper of the Plains was the perfect way to do that. Keeper of the Plains has so many great spots for a Wichita photography session. […]

13 Aug 2017

Kacie + Casson – Engagement Photography – Son Wray Ranch in Newton, Kansas

  What made this engagement photography session so unique and fun was hands down Kacie’s creative ideas. I initially met with Kacie and Casson for their consultation to discuss wedding photography for their 2018 wedding at Son Wray Ranch in Newton, Kansas. Photography is important to Kacie so she wanted a wedding photographer who could help beautifully execute her creative ideas. Of course, I was excited to hear about their wedding and the photography ideas she had for both her […]

30 Jul 2017

Best Sparklers for Your Sparkler Photos: A Comparison of 9 Popular Sparklers

Taking an awesome sparkler photo can be tricky, but the results are so fun and unique when taken correctly. It can be easy to get caught up in getting the timing and settings right and just grabbing any sparkler. However, the type of sparkler you use in your sparkler photos can make a huge difference in how it looks! During a recent engagement shoot, we were trying to get just the right look for a sparkler shot that the future […]

30 Jul 2017

Lindsey + Steven – Wedding Photography – George Pyle Park in Hutchinson, Kansas

Outside ceremonies are always so beautiful, but watching the weather report for them the week before makes me so nervous for the couple. Even up to the day of Lindsey and Steven’s wedding, the weather report kept changing. One minute the report would show clear weather and the next it showed rain right at the time of their planned gazebo wedding in Hutchinson, Kansas. We watched the skies all morning and, right before their ceremony time, the dark skies rolled […]

30 Jul 2017

Digitals or Albums: Should I Get the Digitals Only or Album Collection for My Wedding Photography?

  I have a confession to make. Even though I’m a professional photographer, I was a die-hard “digital files only” girl until recently. In fact, that’s the reason why (as of this posting), all of my packages include the digital files and I have one package that only includes digital files, no prints or products. I completely get that a lot of couples just want the digitals so that they can keep costs down (hey, weddings are expensive!), print on […]

30 Jul 2017

Valerie + Kade – Wedding Photography – Kingman, Kansas

  This was such a fun wedding on a beautiful day! The weather was surprisingly cool for a Wichita wedding in late May, but it ended up being perfect. After meeting with Valerie and Kade for the first time at their consultation, I knew I would love working with them. They wanted their wedding day to be fun yet meaningful, and their real excitement was about their marriage and starting their lives together. In each photo I took of them […]

30 Jul 2017

Morgan + Corey – Engagement Photography – Old Cowtown Museum in Wichita, Kansas

  I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much in one photography session. Morgan and Corey are such a fun couple, and Corey kept us all entertained with his jokes and his “model” poses! Morgan’s style for her upcoming wedding is a rustic barn theme, so she wanted something similar for her engagement photography. We searched around for just the right place and decided on Old Cowtown Museum in Wichita, Kansas. There are so many different styles and […]