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30 Jul 2017

Alex – Senior Photography – Family Farm in Protection, Kansas

  I had the opportunity to photograph Alex’s senior pictures on her family farm in Protection, Kansas. The great part about having the session on her family farm was having the family’s history as a personal touch in each of the photos. Alex is incredibly sweet and kind, and she has this wonderfully contagious smile. When she smiles, it just lights up everyone around her. Alex seems to love farm life and to have a strong connection with her family […]

30 Jul 2017

Blaise – Senior Photography – Downtown Wichita, Kansas

  When I met Blaise during our consultation for his senior photography session, I discovered that he has a unique hobby. Blaise has a love for filmmaking, and his passion for it is really inspiring. Blaise spends a lot of time with the Tallgrass Film Association in Wichita, Kansas and gets super excited talking about the Tallgrass Film Festival. His love for filmmaking started at a young age, and I only imagine him getting more and more passionate about it. […]

30 Jul 2017

Maggie + Matt – Wedding Photography – St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Wichita, Kansas

  Maggie and Matt’s wedding was the perfect mixture of beautiful, romantic, and fun. The wedding was at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Wichita, Kansas and the reception followed in the beautiful backyard of a private residence. The wedding ceremony reflected the deep love Maggie and Matt have for each other, and the reception was laid back and truly a celebration of their love. One thing that stood out to me about this couple was their kindness throughout the […]

30 Jul 2017

Lora + Nathan – Couple Photography – Great Plains Nature Center in Wichita, Kansas

  For Lora and Nathan’s couple photography session, we went to the beautiful Great Plains Nature Preserve in Wichita, Kansas. I had so much fun photographing Lora and Nathan. Not only are they funny and easy going, Lora and Nathan are so genuinely in love with each other that it shows in every interaction between them. You can see their love in the way they look at each other, speak to each other, and especially in the way they laugh […]

30 Jul 2017

Addie – Senior Photography Session – Sedwick, Kansas

  I loved working with Addie during her portrait session at a farm in Sedgwick, Kansas. One of my favorite things about Addie is that she is such a thoughtful, kind person. She is always thinking of other people, is down to earth, and is wonderfully mature beyond her age. What I also love about her is that, although she is respectful and considerate, she has a playful, silly side that is contagious and makes her fun and easy to […]

30 Jul 2017

Charlie – Chocolate Labrador – Pet Photography Session – Derby, Kansas

When I had the opportunity to photograph Charlie at his home in Derby, Kansas, I jumped at the chance. Charlie is a 10-week-old Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy and is everything that is wonderful about a puppy. He’s playful, goofy, and awkward. Yet, he’s also, sweet, sleepy, and so loving. When I first walked in to meet Charlie, I almost didn’t see him. He sat quietly on a brown couch, which he has claimed as his own, that is nearly the […]