Wedding and Engagement Photography FAQs

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I'm getting married and would like to book engagement and wedding photography with the same photographer. Do you offer both?

Absolutely! All of my wedding photography collections include an engagement session. Having both your engagement and wedding photography done with the same photographer is ideal because it allows you and the photographer to get to know each other better throughout your wedding planning process. Since you have already been through a more relaxed engagement photography session with the photographer, you will know what to expect and can be more relaxed and confident for your wedding photos. I love when couples book both engagement and wedding photography because it also allows me to get to know you better so that I can take photos that truly reflect your personality and style.

How should I structure my wedding day to allow time for all the photos I want but not take up too much time so that we can fully enjoy our wedding day? Also, what times of day are best for scheduling photos for us and our families during the wedding day?

I will help you with this!  Everyone wants plenty of wedding photos they love, but no one wants to spend huge chunks of time on their wedding day taking pictures. I focus on candid and documentary-style wedding photography, so most of the time I will be documenting the day as you spend time with friends and family. Of course, many couples also want couple and family portraits on their wedding day, and my goal with those is to get all of the shots you want but move through the more structured shots as efficiently as possible. Before the wedding, I will help you schedule and decide on the photos that you want taken on the wedding day, and then I will work as quickly and efficiently as possible on your wedding day so that you and your families can get back to the fun.

I'm feeling overwhelmed trying to pick the right wedding photographer in Wichita. What's the best or right way to pick a photographer?

There are a lot of talented wedding photographers in Wichita, and it can be tough to know which one is right for you. Check out the Wichita Wedding Photography page for tips on choosing the best wedding photographer for you.

I'm interested in a wedding package that includes just the digital files. Do you offer that?

Yes, I offer several different wedding collections so that you can choose the one that's right for you. I realize some couples are interested in albums and prints, but others just want the digital files. I offer a variety of collections to cover each option.

For my wedding photography collection, I would like digital files but I'm also interested in albums, prints, and other products. What do you offer?

Each of my wedding collections includes edited, high-resolution digital files, but many of our collections offer other products to fit your needs. I offer albums, prints, metal prints, wood prints, wall art, and much more! 

My wedding is outside of the Wichita, Kansas area, but I am interested in booking you for my wedding. Do you travel for wedding photography?

Heck yes! Contact me so that we can talk through the details and location, and I can give you a specific quote for your wedding photography.

I'm interested in learning more about your wedding photography. What do I do next?

Awesome! Contact me through the form, email, or give me a call. Once I hear from you, I will be in touch within 1 business day to answer any questions you have and to schedule a consultation so that we can talk more about the details of your wedding and what you are looking for in your wedding photography. If you aren't in the Wichita, Kansas area or are unable to meet in person, we can also talk over the phone. The consultation is a great time for us to get to know each other better and for you to decide if I'm the right fit for your wedding photographer.

Once I'm ready to book you for my wedding photography, what happens next?

Once you have decided I'm the right photographer for your wedding, we will get started on the next steps depending on the specific needs for your wedding. If you would like engagement photos, we will book your engagement session so that you have those photos to use during your wedding planning. Engagement photos can be a great way to incorporate your personality and style on your save the dates, wedding favors, and wedding decor, so it's helpful to have those taken early in the planning process to give you the option of using them for your wedding. Also, I will work with you to help you come up with a schedule for your wedding day that gets you the photos you want with the best lighting but that also allows you the most time with your friends and family on your wedding day. Of course, I'll be there to answer any questions you have about your engagement and wedding photography and help you schedule and plan along the way.


When should I book my engagement session?

While engagement sessions can technically be booked any time, there are some things to consider when making your decision. For time of year, think about what you want your final photos to look like. Do you want Fall leaves in your photos or love the look of snowy, wintery photos? Do you like the outdoor colors best in the Spring or the Fall? It's also important to consider temperature when booking your time of year. Is it important that the temperature is comfortable, or are you willing to brave some cold temperatures for snowy pictures? Lastly, although your outfit options are flexible for photo shoots, it's worth considering if you prefer wearing summer or winter clothing for your session. None of the options are right or wrong and completely up to what you prefer for your photos.

As for time of day, I book most sessions right after sunrise or a few hours before sunset because those are the times of day when the sun is at the right angle for providing flattering light. When the sun is high in the sky at noon, it places shadows under people's eyes, making for less flattering photo light.

One thing to keep in mind is that engagement photos can be really great for using during your wedding planning. They can help incorporate your personality and style on save the dates, wedding favors, or on decorations for your wedding. Unless you have a certain time of year or other reason for delaying your engagement photos, I recommend having your engagement session as soon as possible in the wedding planning process. That way you have your photos back and ready to use for your wedding if you want.

What should I wear for my engagement photo session?

First and foremost, wear something you love and feel confident in! After that, consider the photos as a whole when deciding what to wear. For color, is there a certain color you would like to decorate with when you print your finished photos? If so, that's a great place to start in choosing what color you want to wear. Often, people think about what they want to wear separate from the final outcome of the photo, and that can result in photos you love but don't know where to put once you've printed them. If there's a spot in your home where you know you want to put the photos, consider which clothing colors would look nice with your decor.  With color, I generally recommend coordinating instead of matching with other people in the photo, so find out what colors they feel confident in that will also look nice in the final photos.

For outfit type, do you generally prefer photos of people in dresses, pants, or shorts? Again, this is a place where considering the final outcome of the photo can be really useful in making your decision. Look at photos of others to get a feel for what you prefer and then decide from there. Of course, it's often best to just stick with what you feel most confident in!

If you're still unsure of what to wear, feel free to ask and I am happy to help you decide on a location, outfit, and colors that will get you photos that fit your style and personality.

What location should we choose for our engagement session?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a location for your engagement session. The first thing to consider is if there are places that are meaningful to you. If you both have a favorite spot you love to visit, then that's a great place to start when picking a location. Think about places you enjoy going and spending time because those are the places that will mean the most to you and are likely where you will feel most comfortable.

If you don't have a place that comes to mind or it's not a great spot for a photo session, next consider the final photographs. Do you like the look of photographs taken in the country with grass and fields in the background, or do you prefer photos taken downtown with brick and stone backgrounds? Also, do you prefer backgrounds that are mostly blurry colors, or do you want detailed buildings as your background? Consider what fits your personality and style the most.

Color is also helpful to consider when choosing your location. This is another place to think about the photograph as a whole and think about how the background colors and detail fit with your outfits and the overall style of the photo. If there's a place in your home where you want to place photos on the wall, what background detail and colors will fit with your decor?

If you know exactly where you want to take your photos, that's awesome! If you're unsure of a location, I'm more than happy to help you answer these questions.

I am excited about the photo session, but I'm nervous my significant other/child/pet won't cooperate. What do I do?

Don't worry! My goal is to make everyone as comfortable as possible and to make the photo session fun so that you get photos you love. I will work with you to help make decisions before the photo shoot that will allow us to work through any concerns and get great photos! There are different ways we can structure the photo shoot, we can plan activities during parts of the photo shoot to help bring out natural expressions, we can choose locations that are more relaxed, and many other potential solutions. If you have concerns, don't hesitate to ask and see how we can structure the photo session to get the best pictures possible.

Can I bring props or my pet to our engagement session?

Of course! These are your photos, so feel free to bring anything that reflects you, your personality, or your interests. I love when couples want their hobbies or their pets incorporated in their engagement photos, so just let me know in advance and I will make sure we choose a photo shoot location that works (or is pet friendly!).

When I'm in front of the camera, I never know how to stand or what to do with my hands. What do I do?

Don't worry about it! It's my job to make sure you feel comfortable and natural in your photos, so I'll help you through that during the photo session. I want to capture photos that reflect your natural relationship, so I will structure the session so that you know what to do without making you pose in a stiff or awkward way. The goal is to make you both feel comfortable during the session so that I can capture your relationship as it is and not in a way that feels uncomfortable or forced.

I'm located outside of the Wichita, Kansas area. Do you travel for engagement photography?

Definitely! Contact me and I'm happy to talk with you and get you a quote.

I'm interested in booking my engagement session. What do I do next?

Perfect! If you're ready to book or have more questions about your engagement session, contact me. I'm happy to talk with you about the types of photos you want and answer any questions you have along the way.


I always recommend a consultation when possible before booking wedding photography. Let’s be honest — I will be following you around all day during your wedding, mingling with your guests, trying to get Uncle Ned to finally smile — we might as well get to know each other.

Send me a note through the contact form, email, or give me a call and we’ll schedule a consultation. We can grab coffee, a beer, or meet at the dog park — whatever you choose!



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