Lora + Nathan – Couple Photography – Great Plains Nature Center in Wichita, Kansas


For Lora and Nathan’s couple photography session, we went to the beautiful Great Plains Nature Preserve in Wichita, Kansas. I had so much fun photographing Lora and Nathan. Not only are they funny and easy going, Lora and Nathan are so genuinely in love with each other that it shows in every interaction between them. You can see their love in the way they look at each other, speak to each other, and especially in the way they laugh together. I always want to capture genuine expressions that reflect the way a couple interacts together, and documenting their love was easy because Lora and Nathan simply enjoy being around each other. It was such a pleasure photographing these two!

Although I’m always happy to direct with posing, Lora is a natural. I would find the right spot and then look away for a few seconds to adjust my camera settings. By the time I looked back up, Lora was in a naturally perfect pose which made my photographer job easy. Nathan was excited about the shoot and completely on board with trying different poses and backgrounds for the photos, which made their entire shoot fun and relaxed.

Since it was late July in Wichita, we battled the warm Kansas summer weather during their shoot. We waited until a few hours before sunset for the beautiful lighting at that time of day, and I was hoping the evening time would give us cooler weather. Unfortunately, it was still 100 degrees out when we started and didn’t get much cooler throughout the session. Posing and smiling when it’s so hot out can be a challenge, but Lora and Nathan were great sports about the weather and still gave each shot their best.

Lora and Nathan are one of the most naturally loving couples I know, so they were easy to work with and excited about each different shot and background. I loved working with these two and appreciate their enthusiasm for their couple photography shoot despite the summer heat!

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