Morgan + Corey – Wedding Photography – Cardinal Creek Farm in Leon, Kansas

I’m normally not one to get very emotional at weddings. The height of emotion at a wedding is typically the ceremony, and that’s when I’m most alert, taking each moment in as quickly as possible and trying to capture expressions and not miss photographing anything. During most ceremonies, that doesn’t give me time to stop and take in my own emotions. Morgan and Corey’s ceremony was different.

The ceremony began, and the six pairs of bridesmaids and groomsmen made their way out the large barn doors and down the aisle. Each bridesmaid was wearing boots and holding a unique lantern, a touch that fit the style of their rustic barn wedding perfectly. After the groom, their son, Maddox, and the flower girl came down the aisle, the barn doors shut. With the doors shut, there was a moment where just the music played while we all awaited the bride. This moment was beautiful, and I could feel the anticipation of every guest there. As the barn doors slowly started to open and Morgan was standing there, ready to walk down the aisle, I’ll admit I got a little emotional. After working with Morgan and Corey for almost 10 months as they prepared all the details for their wedding and shared their stories with me, it was an amazing moment to finally see everything come together as she walked down the aisle toward Corey. As an unconventional moment in their wedding, Morgan decided to walk down the aisle by herself. She was proud of the large role she played in raising herself and in becoming the woman she is today, so she chose to celebrate that by walking down the aisle by herself toward her new husband. It was a wonderfully offbeat wedding moment that took my breath away more than almost any other I’ve witnessed. It’s the unconventional and non-traditional wedding touches like these that really tug at my heartstrings. 

This moment wouldn’t have been as incredible if it hadn’t been for the amazing venue they chose, Cardinal Creek Farm in Leon, Kansas. The opening of the barn doors as the bride appeared was just one little touch throughout their beautiful wedding day. The bridal room is decorated so well and makes for beautiful wedding photography and getting ready photos. Each bridesmaid had her own mirror and “station” to get ready at, and the decor made it easy to get great photos while the bride and bridesmaids had their hair and makeup done. One of my favorite parts of the venue is the amazing staircase. What made it so unique is that there is a door at the top for the bride and groom to walk through as they are announced, and then they can walk down the stairs to greet their guests and enjoy their reception. It was a beautiful venue for a perfect wedding day.

Morgan and Corey worked so hard on each of the touches for their wedding to make it reflect them and what they love. From the bridesmaids’ boots to the groomsmen’s socks to the donuts as their cake, each unique detail reflected who they are as a couple. Morgan and Corey’s wedding was easily one of the most beautiful and emotional weddings I’ve photographed.

One of the best parts of being a wedding photographer is getting to know the bride and groom throughout the process. Sometimes you just click with them, and then you feel like both a photographer and friend by the wedding day. This wedding felt like that, and I’m so excited to share some photos of their perfect day. Congratulations, Morgan and Corey! I absolutely loved being your wedding photographer!

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