Wichita Wedding Photography

Wichita Wedding Photography

Tips on Choosing a Wedding Photographer in Wichita

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Planning a wedding involves a ton of decisions, and choosing a wedding photographer can be a challenging one. Your photographer will capture the memories of your wedding day so that you can remember them forever, so it's important to choose a photographer that's the right fit for you and will capture everything you want and in the style you want. There are so many great options for your Wichita wedding photographer and choosing the right one for you can be overwhelming. We put together some helpful tips on choosing a wedding photographer so that you know what to look for when choosing one for your wedding.

Tip 1: Find a Photography Style That You Like

With so many great wedding photographers in Wichita, it can be a daunting task to choose the right one for you. I often hear from brides and grooms that they have a hard time choosing because they aren't sure which photography is best, and that's okay! The photography that is "best" is the style that you like, so don't stress about picking the one that is technically best out of all the options. Of course, you want a photographer who can create great images, but it's okay to choose based on if you simply like their images. Some things with style that you can look for is posed versus candid or color versus black & white. However, beyond some of those things, look through galleries on photographers' websites and narrow your search to the ones with images you enjoy looking through and would like for yourself.

Tip 2: Personality Matters

After searching through online galleries, chances are that you'll have a list of several Wichita wedding photographers you are considering. To narrow down your list, definitely consider personality. Is there something on the website that made you feel more comfortable with one photographer over another? Does their approach and working style fit with yours? You might not be able to tell all of this from the website, but the website text and style is a good starting point. From there, I definitely recommend contacting any photographer you are considering and see what it's like communicating with them and if you feel comfortable asking them questions. Your wedding photographer will be with you most of the day on your wedding day and will be interacting with you and your family and friends. If you enjoy talking with your photographer and feel completely comfortable, your pictures will also look comfortable and your genuine smiles and expressions will shine through. No matter how talented your photographer is, if you feel uncomfortable with him or her, your pictures will reflect that as well. There are so many talented wedding photographers in Wichita, so be firm on choosing one you really like and feel completely comfortable around!

Tip 3: Meet with Potential Wedding Photographers Before Deciding

With a hectic schedule and so many decisions to make, it can be tempting to just book a photographer and skip the consultation step. However, meeting with a photographer is the best way to make sure they are the right fit for you. It's also helpful to coordinate with the photographer and see how that process goes. Are they willing to meet? Are they flexible with timing? If a wedding photographer isn't willing to meet for a consultation or seems hesitant, I personally would keep looking for a different photographer. The consultation is an excellent opportunity for the photographer to learn more about your wedding and what you want out of your wedding photography to make sure they can meet your expectations and provide packages or collections that fit your needs. It's also a perfect opportunity for you to assess how comfortable you feel and if you're excited about working with a photographer. So, make sure to carve out some time for consultations when searching for a wedding photographer as it can be an invaluable step in the process.

Tip 4: Ask Plenty of Questions During the Consultation

During the consultations with your potential wedding photographers, don't hesitate to ask any questions you have. Feel free to ask a photographer about their photography style, what they like to photograph and don't like photographing, how they like to work on the wedding day, and anything else you think of. Also, if a photographer makes you feel hesitant or uncomfortable about asking your questions, you'll know right away it's not a great fit. There are too many great Wichita wedding photographers to choose one that makes you feel uncomfortable asking any of your questions. The consultation is the best time for you to gather as much information as possible before choosing your wedding photographer, so ask away! The answers to your questions will likely give you the information you need to make the best choice in a photographer.

Tip 5: Get Engagement Photography If You Can

If your search for a Wichita wedding photographer leads you to several that you like, a last thing to consider is engagement photography. If engagement photography is at all possible with your budget and time, I highly recommend it. So, take into consideration if choosing one photographer over another allows you the extra budget for engagement photography.

Engagement photography is great because it gives you a chance to work with the photographer in an actual session before the wedding. You can get comfortable with how the photographer works, and the photographer can learn how to best approach you to get the most genuine smiles and expressions. When the wedding day arrives, you'll already be comfortable in front of your photographer's camera, and your wedding photos will be that much better. Engagement photos are also great for adding to save the dates, wedding favors, and wedding decorations. Not to mention all of the great locations in Wichita for engagement photography (the picture for this tip was taken at Old Cowtown Museum).

Hopefully these tips help as you choose your wedding photographer in Wichita! Of course, if you have any questions or would like more information on our wedding and engagement photography for unconventional couples in Wichita, shoot me a message!